Getting It Right With Marine Lighting For Your Aquarium

Aquariums bring an aesthetic appearance to any home or office. Marine aquarium lighting plays an important role in adding to the pleasant look. Most importantly, the lighting will determine the growth rate as well as the survival of your aquarium fish, plants or corals. Since the living things in your aquarium, are deprived the right color spectrum of natural sunlight, you should pay special attention when selecting and installing marine lighting for your aquatic plants and animals.  The following two factors will help you in choosing right lighting for your aquarium.

1.    Aquarium inhabitants

•    Fish – If you have a fish only aquarium, you can choose from a variety of light spectrum. Marine fish lighting and especially fluorescent lights of between 1 and 2 watts per gallon are ideal. Hardware bulbs are not suitable though they promote the growth of algae. Additionally, incandescent lighting may heat up the water in areas closer to the light; this may be harmful to some fish species, and some fish will swim to cooler areas of the aquarium.

•    Plants – Light is useful for the plants health. Aquarium plants require different types of lighting. For instance, tropical plant species growing near the surface of the water will demand more light just like in their natural habitat. The plant species in your aquarium will, however, determine the light you are going to select. Power compact lights, metal halide lights, T-5 high output lights or standard fluorescent lights can be used in plant aquariums. The heat produced by the lighting system should not however be extreme for your plants. To be on the safe side, find out the light intense needs of particular species in your aquarium. Check out our AMES Website to see more options!

•    Corals – Just like aquarium plants, corals require high levels of light because they will typically grow closer to the surface of the aquarium. Ideal lights for marine reef aquariums include high output, T-5, metal halides and power compact among other highly-specialized light systems.

2.    Type of marine aquarium lighting

The following are the most popular marine lighting options you can consider for your aquarium:

•    Fluorescent lighting – This type of lighting produces little heat and has more light intensity. This light set-up is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums containing fish, plants or corals. Fluorescent lighting varieties include normal output (NO), high output (HO) or very high output (VHO).
•    Incandescent lighting – This has the lowest light intensity suitable for low-light aquarium inhabitants like fish.
•    Metal halide lights – Of all aquarium lighting options, these have the most intense light. These lights are suitable for creating tropical sun effects because of their color spectrum and light intensity. Deep growing aquarium plants and corals would make good use of metal halide lights, or even cockpit lights. Read More

There are various reliable sources where you can buy ideal marine lighting for your aquarium. Perko marine lighting suppliers can help you get the right lighting for your aquarium inhabitants.